Fishfinders, GPS, & Accessories

Hunting for fish or just want to keep an eye on your depth? Let us install a fish finder or gps unit in your boat. Fears of shallow water can be put aside when you know exactly how deep you are you are, some models also offer speed sensing and other options.
Got some unused space on the dash? We might be able to recess mount the unit for a clean, integrated look. In many cases the included mounting bracket is not always the best looking option. We can custom mount fish finder, gps units, radios, and even LCD TV's in lots of different ways. If you have an idea give us a call, we would be glad to come out and give you a free estimate!
Fishfinders & GPS units are getting more and more advanced and common, offering such options as trail recording & hotspot marking you won't have a problem finding your way back to a specific fishing spot or finding your way back to the ramp on un-familar lakes!