Radios, Wakeboard Tower Speakers, Amplifiers & More!

What's the only thing better than just being out on the lake? Having some great sounding tunes while you're out on the lake. Stock radios are notorious for being temperamental, having poor reception, and eventually they just get to the point where they don't function like they used to. Upgrading your head unit can be one of the most important changes to your sound system. Even if it a simple upgrade to a CD player or if you are jumping into the world of HD or Satellite radio, changing your head unit is usually the first step in the sound upgrade process..
If your speakers have crackly sound, or even no sound or maybe you just want to add a couple more, speakers are usually the second step in the upgrade process. Types, sizes, and construction vary from brand to brand but we can help you choose whats right for both your boat & your budget!
We have over 12 years experience with custom audio installation. Let us help you position and mount your speakers for optimal sound & functionality. We know how valuable your cargo space is so we go to great lengths to find the best place to mount components as well as optimal placement to maximize your listening pleasure. We can custom mount speakers in seat bases or custom build enclosures for even the most elaborate sound systems.